Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UFC Warriors Shane Carwin And Brock Lesnar On July 3

Now it appears the two gigantic heavyweights will meet this summer in a clash that will be the biggest challenges of both their prospective careers. The biggest fight is finally going to happen this summer! After Shane Carwin defeated Frank Mir last Saturday. After the fight the champion stepped into the octagon to confront the interim heavyweight champion and reiterated what he had said on ESPN’s Sportscenter earlier this week, “It was a good fight,but he’s still wearing a belt that’s a ‘make believe’ belt.” 

Shane Carwin seemed to take the statement as a challenge which will fuel him during his training camp leading into their ittle fight this summer. Now, Shane Carwin is now set to take on the former wrestler and UFC heavywight champion Brock Lesnar on July 3.