Friday, August 20, 2010

Tashard Choice

American Football is a game that played on a grass field, this is known and famous in the United States. The objective of the game is to score and it requires protective gears, training and travel. Their strong body and through advancing the ball into the opposing team. Do you know Who's Tashard J. Choice and what is hes contribution on the American Football Team and all hes achievements on the game. Well he is an American football Player from the Dallas Cowboys and he started hes career and building himself in a good community while hes still studying.

Tashard is a former football player in his high school career played for Lovejoy High and he recorded 40 career all for touch-down and continue his college to Georgia Tech where he took up his major course of History, Technology, and Society and gained All-Big 12 Academic Honor Roll in 2004 with his All-ACC Academic Honor Roll in 2005-2006. He performed well in his academic performance and he even played more and enhance his skills for his football career.

He started his professional career as a football player for the Dallas Cowboys and was selected in the fourth round and as a position of running back. Continue his year still in a Dallas Cowboys and at 2009 he had his a 3 weeks injury received in the Carolina Panthers. That year he even give his 18 carries for 82 yards and one touch-down in a Dallas wins. He even has a million contract worth $2.44 million signed July 23, 2008 carried for 4years it also include $439,000 signing bonus and continuing for the coming year. Like in an online casino it has an entertaing value that people really look forward for each and every game. With all his achievements on the game he already reach his choice as good as he is right now playing and performing the best of his game.