Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UFC Warriors Shane Carwin And Brock Lesnar On July 3

Now it appears the two gigantic heavyweights will meet this summer in a clash that will be the biggest challenges of both their prospective careers. The biggest fight is finally going to happen this summer! After Shane Carwin defeated Frank Mir last Saturday. After the fight the champion stepped into the octagon to confront the interim heavyweight champion and reiterated what he had said on ESPN’s Sportscenter earlier this week, “It was a good fight,but he’s still wearing a belt that’s a ‘make believe’ belt.” 

Shane Carwin seemed to take the statement as a challenge which will fuel him during his training camp leading into their ittle fight this summer. Now, Shane Carwin is now set to take on the former wrestler and UFC heavywight champion Brock Lesnar on July 3.

When UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and Shan Carwinr meet this summer in Las Vegas, it will be -- quite literally -- huge. In fact, the biggest title matchup ever, at least in terms of bulk. And the interest level for the fight might just match the oversized participants. According to the UFC President Dana White confirmed the plans at last night's UFC 111 post fight press conference.

Shane Carwin was supposed to meet Brock Lesnar at UFC 106 this past November, but the champion was diagnosed and sidelined with what was believed to be Mono at the time which was later discovered to be diverticulitis that could have ended his career. Carwin needed to defeat Mir in order to regain the number one contender’s role again and spoke about how he felt that meeting Lesnar in the Octagon eventually was his “destiny” after missing each other as wrestlers in College.
It’s been a long time coming, I see it all as destiny, Brock and I were both national collegiate champions at about the same time in wrestling and we never got to meet in wrestling. Now here we are 10 years later and we finally get to meet and it’s on a much bigger stage. The biggest stage in the world, and I’m excited for it.” Shane Carwin said in the post-fight press conference. 
Speaking on SportsCenter earlier today, Brock Lesnar was first asked about his current condition.
I’m 100 percent recovered. I’ve been able to step back and re-evaluate my life and re-evaluate my training, and I’m on track. I’m excited for Saturday night to see these two big heavyweights battle it out for the interim championship, and the winner of those two guys I’m looking forward to fighting in mid-summer.”
Asked about the fight this weekend for the interim title, Brock Lesnar said:
That was a business decision that the UFC had to make. Really, that belt is a make-believe belt to satisfy the company and to satisfy the people in the heavyweight division. I’m still the heavyweight champion.”
If Shane Carwin is a better version of Brock Lesnar, then the fight’s over in the first 30 seconds — I feel bad for Frank. Frank has a history of putting his foot in his mouth and let’s just see what happens Saturday night. I’m anxious to fight either one of those opponents. Both of them I’ve got some history with. … I can sit back and watch and let these guys fight over who wants to come after Brock Lesnar, the UFC heavyweight champion.”
Brock Lesnar was also asked about the disgraceful comments recently made by Mir towards him, explaining he saw it as purely entertainment value.
What’s said outside of the Octagon is all purely entertainment. I dislike Frank — there isn’t an opponent in the Octagon that I really truly like. That’s the battle of competition. I’m not a grudge-holder, but the first and foremost thing to me is, When I get in that Octagon I respect no one. And that’s the bottom line for me.”

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