Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: The Next Bout After Mosley?

You could literally see some of these boxing fighters getting excited just thinking about Pacquiao vs. Maywweather. This fight has the potential to be the superfight of the decade. For the integrity of the sport of boxing, for the natural evolution and future of our great sport, CALL Mayweather out and publicly make him take this fight, force Floyd Mayweather to get off his pompous, handpicking ass, and make him fight the fight you and everyone wants to see – Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. If you let Floyd Mayweather hide behind his excuses to duck Manny Pacquiao you are all complicit in perpetrating the fraud known as Floyd Mayweather.

Boxing fans who were ecstatic before at the potential of a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather super-fight, are now even more eager than ever to witness the history-making boxing event. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are not only among the elite fighters between 135-147 pounds they are the best. This would be a far cry from the young hungry lion vs. the over-the-hill veteran that boxing assuredly produces on a yearly basis dressed neatly as drama. Nor would it be a fighter getting the experience he needs to compete at the next level. This would be a prime time boxer against prime time puncher.

Both fighters fully understand their bodies, their training, their skill levels, their range, the positives and negatives of their fight styles. They sit atop everything that makes their particular fight styles possible. Manny Pacquiao with his grit, power, thirst and passion. Floyd Mayweather with his speed, defense, boxing mind and zeal. What more could they attain to make the fight any better?

We are typically force-fed excuses when significant matches aren’t made. Its either he hasn’t fought anyone significant or that they aren’t a big enough name yet. On occasion, fighters have even taken stealthy positions behind their management/promoters to avoid fighters. That wouldn’t be the case here. Everything that they will possibly ever know about boxing they’ve learned and committed to memory. The time is primed for both fighters.

For Mayweather and Pacquiao there isn’t a higher level of training, another grade of boxing knowledge or frankly a bigger payday. Unlike many other fights this is that rare fight where money won’t be a hurdle. There will be millions upon millions to be carved up. Venues from Las Angeles to Las Vegas to New York to the Philippines would bid often and early. 

Stadiums, arenas, reservations and casinos alike would campaign for the opportunity to be the host site. Sponsorship dollars from the world’s largest and most lucrative corporations would pour in. Television and radio stations would line up for interviews. Media outlets from the four corners of the world would request media credentials. I would estimate the payday to be $25-35 million each!

According to Manny Pacquiao’s official website, he is “willing to consider” taking a blood test 14 days before the fight, as Floyd Mayweather insisted last year (Pacquiao previously refused to bend on the 24-day testing used at the Olympics). If Manny Pacquiao concedes to 14 days, it’s up to Mayweather to make this happen. He’d look like a giant fraud if he changed his demands to a week or the day of the fight.

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Anonymous said...

Mayweather vs "Pacquaio:" The Next Bout After Mosley?

I think there's a slight misspelling there.

Anyways, this would be an intense fight "IF" this would happen in the near future.

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