Monday, April 19, 2010

Edwin Valero Wants To Fight With Manny Pacquiao

Venezuelan boxer Edwin Valero, who committed suicide on Monday in a jail where he was held for killing his wife, was a "sensational" fighter who was being groomed to fight the boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, promoter Bob Arum said who co-promoted Edwin Valero's last two bouts, told Reuters that Valero (27-0) would have made an outstanding opponent for world welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao, another of his fighters.

A 28 year old Edwin Valero was the World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight title though it had recently declared him "champion in recess" after being detained in March for mistreating his wife and then receiving treatment for alcohol abuse. Bob Arum said he did not know Edwin Valero very well, but despite hearing rumors of drug and alcohol troubles for the Venezuelan had not seen evidence of that himself during several meetings. 
"He was a sensational fighter, sensational, He was just electric. A complete crowd-pleasing style. I was grooming him as a great future opponent for Manny Pacquiao. That would have been a sensational fight." Bob Arum said in an interview from his Las Vegas office.

"The times I met with him, he was very polite, very reasonable, I had heard stories about drug and alcohol abuse ... but I never realized the magnitude of it. The few times I met with him he seemed perfectly normal." Promoter Bob Arum added.

 Some skeptics may suggest that it is a particularly convenient excuse as Margarito would provide extremely stiff opposition for Manny Pacquiao. Although, that is not the only contentious issue, there seems to be a difference of opinions between Freddie Roach which is Manny Pacquiao’s promoter and Bob Arum who was very keen on Manny Pacquiao meeting Margarito whose also promoted by Bob Arum’s “Top Rank” promotions as his next opponent.

As much as boxing fans have expressed their desperation to see Manny Pacquiao vs. Edwin Valero (27-0-0). However, Manny Pacquiao has a wealth of experience, has fought at the highest level for many years and Edwin Valero is still considered as being relatively untested. Edwin Valero’s last outing against Antonio DeMarco certainly showed his potential against a higher caliber of opponent, but Manny Pacquiao is the top fighter in boxing and Edwin Valero has a long way to go before he can consider himself a true contender to Manny Pacquiao’s Pound for Pound crown.

The Venezuelan boxer Edwin Valero boasts an incredible record, with all of his wins coming by way of knockout, no matter what is said about his potential frailties his record should not be taken lightly, regardless of the opponents he has faced to date.
Bob Arum may not be as enthusiastic about this fight as Freddie Roach, Edwin Valero is surely Arum’s future poster boy and having him systematically taken apart by Manny Pacquiao might not be the best idea. Having said that Edwin Valero has been very vocal in wanting to fight Manny Pacquiao and now that Roach has mentioned his name, the word will travel and I am positive Edwin Valero will pressure Bob Arum to make that fight happen.

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